Our Odyssey By Bassey Ita

Mr. Bassey Ita, Publicity Secretary to the National Vice Chairman, South South of APC
The dynamic nature of politics should teach us some lessons in morality and or good conduct. The long walk to freedom has always exposed the tendencies of oppressors and the prospects of those who by morality have made genuine sacrifices and compromises.

Life generally is an adventure and it's interpretation is a triumvirate position; its either you are in a challenge or out of a challenge or just landing a challenge. Its that way because man must always engage self goal actualization. Those who oppress and those who have compromises to make for freedom both have a date with destiny.

Before I digress,I'm reminiscing on the undercurrents that have characterised the issue of State Chairmanship of our party,the APC in Cross River. From being victims of impunity and undemocratic tendencies out there in PDP to being internally displaced politicians, IDPs we assume APC has become the new Jerusalem with sites and scenes to avail us  new orientation and focus towards the political chess game. We are gradually gravitating towards a loss of that sense of unity and compromise that we need more now than ever to propel us to victory.

Observably, while the younger ones are hailing the disposition of the older ones, there appear a wide gap in the understanding that our opponents are taking their strategy to the peak of perfection.

Unfortunately, we box ourselves in delusive self interest. I pray that our nag to claim leadership of the party when the structures and statutes have clearly defined who should call the shots,should not have any justification to fester.

Everybody should play his or her role while thinking collectively about elections victory as a big picture. To bask in the euphoria of public and not party position while dragging the party machinery against the side of democratic advancement, sign- posts the destination of delusive self interest coming to sing the victory song.

My simple advise is that as a party we must allow the party structures and official machinery charged with the mandate of showing leadership to initiate and chat the course that sees elections victory over unenlightened self interest  that is the vogue of some.

Holy book says "there's a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is destruction". If this is true,just and of good report, then let's think on it!
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