Africa is the richest continent in the world - Ayade

Cross River State Governor, Senator Ben Ayade has said that there is no justifiable reason for young people to take risks through perilous roads to Europe and America in search of greener pastures as Africa is the richest continents in the world.

Gov Ayade who said this yesterday while explaining the reason for the choosing migration as this year's Carnival Calabar theme maintained that Africa is blessed with everything that other continents don't have.

I welcome all Africans here to the great paradise of Africa; Calabar city, the city of people with love, good life. People who know lifestyle; the most civilized state in the country; Very polished people who have strong affiliation with the history, origin and ontology of the black man.

He said that "Today, we are here to tell the story in form of drama, dance procession, telling the story of migration, the problem of Africa. Our young men  and women take risks through perilous roads, finding themselves in Europe and America in search of greener pastures.
Today’s carnival is to tell the world that Africa is the richest continent. Africa is blessed, Africa’s got everything. We have no reason as a young man, as a young woman to leave the African continent"

Ayade maintained that "But indeed the best place you can ever be is Africa. Look at the warmth, look at the energy in the atmosphere. Look at the calistatics, look at the kinematics, look at all the  energy. We only do this in Africa. As we do these, we know that we will always, as Africans, we have the strength; our color shows vitality, it shows energy, it shows verve and so, we gathered here as Africans to tell the African story from the African perspective and African narrative.

Africa is so blessed that sometimes we begin to wonder why we have young Africans going through the Mediterranean sea, going through the Sahara desert, going through Morroco, through all those difficult roots, finding themselves in Libya being used as slaves, used as subhuman human beings".

While charging African leaders to come together and work as a people to put an end to the issue of migration he said that Africa is the future and will rule the world as America is past and Asia is the present.

"For those of us who are leaders, we have a responsibility to reverse that trend. That is what the theme of this year is going to town. And so, as we watch the various bands give their dance and tell their story in a dramatic form, we want to see the interpretation, we want to see the dramatic end.

So, it is not just about dancing and celebrating. But, it is telling a very painful and sorrowful story that ends in good hope that Africa ultimately will rule the world. America and Europe was in the past, Asia is today, Africa is (the) future. So why will you leave the future? The future is Africa. That is the last continent to be discovered, that is the continent that is got everything", he said.

Speaking about objective of the Carnival  he said that "Ultimately, the aim is that we will achieve reverse migration in the fullness of time. Therefore, as I call on all Africans and the entire people of the world to please be fair and treat Africans with humanity, be fair to them as they find themselves in your country".
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