MUST READ : Amber Lounge And Karaoke, Tells Her Story

We are constrained to, in the midst of the negative press drawn to our establishment, AMBER LOUNGE AND KARAOKE by competitors and detractors, make and affirm the following:

1. The eight minute video that purportedly portrays our business as being built on fetish foundations is to say the least, something conceived and put forth by the hidden hands of Esau.

2. Those who have watched the staged video can rightly attest to the bare fact that, the initial insinuation as can be heard from the video is that, we buried a human head on our premises. Further, as the video rolls, the paid agents left the first insinuation and hung on to one that insisted we had buried a live big. These are inconsistencies that have been deliberately peddled to bring our business down.

3. Not many people understand that we have had a long running disagreement with our landlord, owners of SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN. specifically, that disagreement has seen us land at the State Police Headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar. In this particular instance, the Police advised and maintained that our disagreement should be expressly settled without their involvement. Peaceful overtures were made to our landlord, who unfortunately maintains that the issues were "now beyond him".

4. We paid our landlord rent, to the sum of N910, 000 (nine hundred and ten thousand) which was mysteriously returned to us without accompanying explanations, considering that the lease on our space is suppose to run for five years... we are in the second year.

5. Unknown to our esteemed clients and the public, the individual who shot and uploaded the unfortunate video claims he erroneously uploaded the video, something that is clearly rocket science. We ask, is there a possibility that a video that sets out to intentionally shut down our business can be erroneously uploaded?

6. If the intentions of those who have masterminded this hoax were pure, the excavation of their HUMAN HEAD and later LIVE PIG, would have taken place in the presence of our lounge owner and not on the day he travelled to Abuja to attend the wedding of his friend.

7. Again, those who have watched the unfortunate video can critically attest to the fact that there was a deliberate effort to zoom the camera in on our logo. A video that intentionally draws attention not to the 'digging' but our logo, shows clearly what the intentions are.

8. Perhaps not many people understand that the owner of AMBER LOUNGE AND KARAOKE did not just stumble on this lounge idea. AKEEM, if we remember, was at a time a bouncer at JASPER 131, before moving to manage another Calabar club, BAY'S BAR. Within this period, he cultivated and religiously maintained friendships, something that was positively exploited when he started his own club. Most of these people came in handy as guarantors when he obtained a cumulative N22 million Naija facility that was invested in AMBER.

9. WE are convinced that what is presently playing out is driven by HATRED, JEALOUSY and ENVY. It is the cheapest form of competition and appears driven by persons who have thrown caution to the wind and remain blinded by a sworn occupation to throw us out of a market, large enough for everybody.

10. To our esteemed clients, last Wednesday's show of solidarity culminating in the now trending #IstandwithAkeem is a clear statement that loyalty is not compulsively earned. Management was moved to tears at the thunderous cat calls that greeted the entrance of AKEEM to the club at about 2.45 am. It demonstrated clearly that our detractors may have to think up other options.

We must indeed state here and now that NO HUMAN HEAD OR LIVE PIG was dug up. What happened was a Bollywood, not even a Nollywood script, poorly delivered. Our doors remain open with our top draw complimentary services. This is a bad enterprise, dead on arrival. Our legal representatives are on the matter, we must state.

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