MUST READ : Ochicha's Powerful Christmas Message To Cross Riverians

Mr. Odey Ochicha, Chairman Governing Council of Federal Polytechnic Ile Oluji 
Ondo State

CHRISTMAS : What We Have In Common Is Greater Than What Divides Us

My people from the length and breath of our beautiful Cross River State, I bring greetings to you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who is the reason for the season.

This is time when we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and for me there is no greater time to celebrate the saviour whose grace and mercy have seen you through many trials and difficult periods and who has remained faithful in keeping and blessing us along the way.

The birth of Jesus Christ some two thousand years ago brought joy, peace, love and hope to the world and in these few short days left before Christmas, I pray that the joy of Christmas uplift our spirits so that we sow words of peace and love to all at this time, knowing and believing that as a people, our hearts are filled with renewed hope of a better tomorrow and a prosperous future.

In the spirit of the season, I call on the government of our dear state to begin the process to fulfil the mandate of ensuring that our people have real leadership, with real plans for real change. This can be achieved through engagement with key bodies and stakeholders both in the public and private sector.

More commitment should be shown in addressing critical matters and improving the lives of our people through improved security of our communities, improved and more affordable healthcare system, job creation and youth engagement in the affairs of the state.

Christmas is traditionally a time to make merry, rejoice, reflect on the events of the first Christmas and contemplate the new year with a view to anticipating what the future holds for us. As private citizens, there is need to pay attention to what is happening around us and remember that what we have in common is greater than what divides us.

Our multicultural and multilingual society can remain a beacon in troubled times of how we can live in harmony as a people. It is my hope that this Christmas season will bring greater peace, no violence and no crimes for these does not pay anyone.

That it will bring prosperity and good health to Cross Riverians at home and abroad and visitors alike.

Fellow Cross Riverians at home and abroad, residents and visitors, on behalf of my wife and family, I extend to you my very best wishes at Christmas and the New year. May God Almighty continue to bless and guide us. May He continue to shower His blessings upon Cross River and its people now and always in Jesus Christ mighty name, Amen!

Odey Ochicha
Governing Council of Federal Polytechnic Ile Oluji
Ondo State
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