Ayade's Attack On APC, Paranoid - Party

For daring to address the national leadership of the governing All Progressives Congress, APC in foul language, the south South zonal leadership of the party has declared that Sen. Ben Ayade has further affirmed his infection with an incurable genetic disease which has gross stupidity, compulsive lies and acute paranoid conditions as symptoms.

In a statement credited to the office of the National Vice Chairman, South South of the party and endorsed by Mr. Bassey Ita, Special Adviser to the National Vice Chairman, Ntufam Hilliard Eta, the APC said Ayade should have reasoned why his government has attracted so much of criticism, angst and resentment from a broad spectrum of Cross Riverians than any of the preceding government if it's not that his has been a misfortune to the people by being a far departure from normalcy and soundness.

It said it is this situation that gave rise to the barrage of criticisms and resentment against his government which of course informed his initial decision to run to the APC leadership for succour.

'' But we thank God for sound mind and good conscience which would not allow him infect the APC with scam, lies and fraud''.

The APC said '' Ayade's denials of the seizure of imported rice that was planned for re-bagging as Ayade rice, and his sudden umbrage at our party for exposing the scam, is not only diversionary but reveals the structural abnormalities in the head and mind of a man who unfortunately is at the captain's seat of a state begging to sail out of retrogression. ''

''How for instance do you describe a situation where the state is being ran without a development plan, without a budget and a deliberate policy plan on transform lives of the people? This is the failure that Ayade is seeing around him but by that hallucination thinks it's found anywhere in the APC environment.

''The statement said by this incurable conditions, the governor lives only to appreciate and celebrate falsehood having been walking on its  crutches in the mention of unachievable projects.

''Let us at the APC refresh the minds of Cross River people a bit that for all the junketing of foreign lands to attract investment to the state by the endorsement of several MOUs, Ayade's Cross River was not mentioned as one of the states that could attract investment last year according a latest report from the Bureau of Statistics in Abuja. So who is suffering dementia and gross incompetence and failure here other than Ayade"?

The APC said Ayade should measure failure and success by height and fix himself where he rightly belongs instead of judging the APC which has achieved much in terms of instilling sound democratic principles and practice within few years of its formation.
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