Mathias Ejukwa 

by: Mathias Ejukwa

I will love to talk about why Nigeria should pay attention to Professionalism in respect to technology (Technological advancement)

Nigeria is the most technological friendly country in Africa..   Nigeria is one place which technological market is still open and easy to penetrate. It market grows fast in sales of gadgets and other related circuit devices.  According to research,  89% of average youths in Nigeria owns phone, 71% owns Android phones.

Almost every home owns a TV set,  decoders,  what about rechargeable light,  computers..., extensions,  sockets, Air conditioners, Fans,  Fridge, Cars, and others too numerous to mention.
In all this technological opportunities,  were is my own country,  were is our country in control of.
Do you know that Nigeria is the second largest phone users in the world....? 

Listen to where my focus of this article is based in respect to existing technology.
China was once a very broke country..,  they were seen like Ghana before their breakthrough..  You remember the Ghana must go story?  Yea... But then China paid attention to Professionalism and Technological advancement.  They secured some equipments from USA, brought them back to China,  brought in professionals on that field, they disassembled and assembled continuously, studying their different parts and further went to securing those equipments and started coupling the same equipments, they brought in so many people to learn the coupling and later sent some people abroad to go learn how to manufacture those spare parts. They were successful producers of phones (you remember China phones then----Chinco)


Nigeria have the opportunity of producing what ever they can think of, name it.
Because the technology is already there..  Get this equipments,  get professionals on that field to study the equipment through the China method. Then the government can further sponsor the production of those equipment test run, and the end can only be a break through...  Name any technology...  Even to air craft,  Nigeria can produce it because the technology is already there.... 

I believe in Nigeria Govt. even though there is more to be done.
My name is Ejukwa,  and am trying to make a common sense.
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