Your Face Is Like Something I Flushed out of the Toilet - Hon. Itam Abang

Hon. Itam Abang, member representing Boki 1 constituency in the Cross River State house of Assembly
The Member representing Boki 1 constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon. Itam Abang has likened Engineer Steve Takim, University's Don face to what she flushes out of her toilet.

Abang said this through a close family source, Peter Abang who was reacting to Takim's Facebook comment about her humiliation of her constituents who asked her for financial assistance to take his ailing mother to the hospital.

Recalled that recently, in the assembly complex in Calabar, Abang berated her constituent for daring to seek financial assistance saying that she was elected to make laws not to assist people.

An eye witness, Ukorebi Essien quoted her as saying, That's not my business if you like you bring her here, am I a Doctor?  When am done with what am doing here,  I will just enter my car and go away. I was elected to make laws and not to give assistance. After all how many votes did you give me. I spent money in your ward and your people did not vote for me. I lost in your ward".

Disappointed my her response, Engineer Takim, who said his personal encounter with her was nothing to wrote home about described her as the worst legislator in the 8 assembly.

However, Peter Abang who in defence of the lawmaker said Takim was nothing but something he flushes out from his toilet.

Read the thread :

Takim said "It is on record that the worst House of Assembly member Cross River state had ever produced is Itam Abang. It is not even her fault, the blame goes to the Boki nation that is richly bless with intelligentsia, vibrant and record breaking personalities to chose such a bunch of disgraced and disappointment to be their representative. What exactly is the result they were expecting".

Peter Abang, apparently speaking on behalf of Hon. Abang replied "What was your encounter with honorable Abang Steve? Was she the Judge that sent you to prison? I can't even say anything right now cos your face alone reminds me of something I flushed down the toilet. Two legged animal, you came here to insult somebody you can never be as good as even in a hundred incarnations. You sir are a waste of human skin".

Corroborating his response, a Facebook user, Vera Abang suspected to EB the daughter of the lawmaker said that "Ap baby pls leave the he goat and don't waste you time on him, he is so desperate and unfortunate that he is looking for some recognition".

Investigation by Fearless Reports reveals that Engineer Takim, a graduate of Sheffield University, United Kingdom has never been convicted of any crime by any competent court of jurisdiction. Where the Abangs brought their report of him being an ex-convict is yet to be known.
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