Vena Ikem's guts and the contest for HIS political space By Bassey Ita

As an architect of grand political designs, F. D Roosevelt, one of America's best Presidents was greatly remembered for being a masterstroke in that country's political calculus. In fact, like Bill Clinton, former President observed in a 1999 Times Magazine article titled ''Captain Courageous '', Roosevelt was a great political builder
who worked hard to shape political events in his time.

Barr. Venatius Ikem fits into this description of Roosevelt. He is one man who has been at the forefront of designing the political destinies of some persons today in Cross River.

He has also a rich history of service excellence  thus making him exceedingly sought after in state and national political spaces.

He remains a commanding intelligence in Obudu where he hails from and all of these credentials have unfortunately remained a jinx that naysayers would want to break.

Incidentally, they brand and tag him with unprintable nomenclature forgetting that there's an underlying fountain of intelligence and political acumen to fetch from the inert potentials of a man who craves to please the people with service delivery.

His choice has always been confounding. Courage over cowardice, faith over fear, strength in the face of exhaustion over weakness, self sacrifice over self sufficiency, and affluence, hard work which has been the hall mark of success, he prefers to cutting corners.

As a  true leader, I'm satisfied that he has worked for the common good of especially his Obudu people and even beyond.

I read his blueprint in the health and public service sectors and realized he comes with a clear vision to take Cross River out of the woods. With his robust optimism and sincerity of purpose coupled with the spirit of goodwill expected from lovers of change, it's definite that a Vena Ikem's governorship in the state holds a lot of hope and fulfillment for the greater number of Cross Riverians.

He exudes the style that speaks of justice in the place of injustice and oppression. So one can think of a saving grace from the cesspool of oppression and injustice.

Incidentally, Ikem's declaration for Governor must have thought him new ways into the game..... That for all these credentials , there's a contest for his political space while he's still alive and because his political life is akin to the proverbial cat with nine lives, there's always a way the architect of grand political design will come out smoking and sustaining his top most place.

Like Awolowo said '' The problem with many Nigerian Youth this days is that they sleep too much, play too much, and indulge too much in idle chatter and gossip'', it behoves the governorship hopeful to sit back and design a template that would be engaging for those who attempt to wear the oversized shoes of his space. So the chorus will now be ':I thank God that I stood on the shoulder of a giant (Vena) and that's why I'm what I'm today' ''.

Otherwise, Cross River will continue to become a major subject of writers' barbs as it has become in the media today.

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