Nigerian Youths Are Products Of The Failure Of President Buhari's Generation By Inyali Peter

Comrade Inyali Peter

Several videos and statements have surfaced in defence of President Muhammadu Buhari's statement that most Nigerian youths don't do anything but wait to be given their basic needs free of charge.

No doubt, from the video in circulation, there's no where the President outrightly said Nigerian Youths are LAZY but how best can laziness be described more than the way the President stated it? He didn't mention but described it!

The English meaning of laziness according to my online dictionary means "the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness". In other word, it is the character of not wanting to work but waiting for manner to fall from heaven.

Laziness connotes idleness and refusal to work which represent exactly what the President said. Instead of him to categorically mention laziness, he choose the explanatory form to portray his point.

It's therefore hogwash, balderdash and primitive for anybody to try to accuse the media of misinterpreting the President. Those who are saying that the President didn't say so should think again. In fact, they're the lazy people.

In any case, what was the President hoping to achieve with the statement in a Common Wealth Business Forum? Was he trying to solicit support from the international community to get the youths engaged in meaningful venture? Of what importance was that statement to the development of the Nigerian youths?

In all sincerity, the statement was unnecessary, avoidable and inconsequential.

For those who say the President didn't deride all the youths, they should also tell us what is left of the minority when a leader  say "Most". Even in our nascent democracy, we know that majority (Most) carry the day.

In research, when 'Most' respondents give corresponding answer to research questions, the researcher can generalize without necessarily considering the minority opinion.

Truth is, when the President says most, he's referring to the majority which can be generalised by the international community to mean all.

One will wonder while the President didn't use the opportunity to promote what young people are doing in some sectors of our economy. The fastest growing sectors in Nigeria today, the Entertainment and Banking sectors are driven mostly by youths. This is an indication that if given opportunity, the youths can drive this great country to el dorado.

Would it not have been better and more rewarding for Nigeria if the President had told the International Community about how the youths are thriving in those sectors?

If Nigerian youths don't want to go to school, then President Buhari and his generation should take the blame. During their days, they had the best education and were rewarded immediately after school. Is the story the same today when thousands of first class students are roaming the streets without jobs? How can others be motivated to see that education is the bedrock of the nation?

How can the youths do something when leaders of President Buhari generation were all dependent on government without building independent businesses to assist government create jobs for the jobless youths?

Some in civil service don't want to retire. They've saturated the system. At retirement age, you'll see them fraudulently reducing their age to remain in the system thereby blocking the opportunity for younger people to get in.

President Buhari cannot exonerate himself completely from whatever is wrong with our generation. We're as good as or as bad as his generation made us therefore rather than blaming and demarketing us before the whole world, he (they) should first think of the foundation they lay for us to build on.

If we love being idle, if we don't love education but want everything free then we're only manifesting what President Buhari's generation made of us. Simply put, we're products of the failure of their generation.

Inyali Peter is a social commentator and the publisher of Fearless Reports.
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