BREAKING : Obono-Obla breaks silence over alleged certificate forgery

Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, Chairman of Special Presidential Investigation Panel For Recovery of Public Property 

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Prosecution, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla has finally reacted to the allegation that he forged his West Africa Examination Council, WAEC certificate.

Obla who also doubles as the Chairman of Special Presidential Investigation Panel For Recovery of Public Property has been having a running battle with the House of representatives over alleged certificate falsification.l for months now.

Reacting through a Facebook post Obla said that the objective of the panel set up by the reps to investigate was to smear his character over his strong stance on corruption.

Read the full post  :

For the past two months, the House of Representatives Committee constituted to investigate the legality of the Special Presidential Investigation Panel For Recovery of Public Property have been on the forefront of a smear campaign to the effect that I forged my  School Certificate.

When I realized that the objective of the so called Investigation was to smear and ridicule me, I challenged the power of the Committee to investigate my Panel as well as investigate my educational qualifications.

The case is currently in the Federal High Court of justice.  The House of Representatives has no power to investigate my educational qualifications.

Forgery is  a criminal offence hence only the Nigerian Police holds statutory power to investigate and prosecute. The House of Representatives has no power to investigate the crime of forgery.

This is a hatchet job masterminded by some members of the national assembly who are under investigation by my panel ( Special Presidential Investigation Panel for Recovery of Public Property).

The intention is to smear, embarrass and ridicule me .The Rules of the House of Representatives says if a matter is the subject of litigation such a matter is to be put on suspension pending the hearing and conclusion of the case.

So why is this matter so different? The whole thing is a red herring. It shows the impunity of the highest degree and intimidation to thwart my job as Chairman of the Property Recovery Panel.

All the members of the House committee were lackeys of Senator Ekweremadu and the leadership of the national assembly.

They were determined to intimidate and rubbish me because I  dare to investigate some ranking senators who have illegally acquired assets that are beyond their earnings.

So the recommendation of the Committee is unconstitutional and of no effect. The House cannot constitute itself into a Court of Law.

The House cannot be the accuser, prosecutor and Judge all rolled into one . It is a classical case of witch hunting, such as never seen in the annals of legislative history in Nigeria.

The Chairman of the Committee and indeed all the members were RAPC and PDP and they have now defected to PDP.  The Chairman of the House Committee even suggested that I would be severely dealt with because I don’t have a “ god father “!

That is my story!

I feel very bad and sad that the  National Assembly would descend to such a despicable level of witch hunting a humble public servant who is determined to do his job without fear nor favour.

It is such a huge disappointment"
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