Why I said SDP can win C'River guber elections but, PDP will... —blogger Nyok

Efio-Ita Nyok

The publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN, Efio-Ita Nyok has defended his statement asserting that the Social Democratic Party, SDP in Cross River can beat the People's Democratic Party, PDP and All Progressives Congress, APC in the 9th March 2019 governorship and State of Assembly elections.

Nyok made this defence known via his social media handles shortly after saying on air while being a guest at the Public View a call-in and talk show hosted by OAP Iwara U. Iwara on Hit 95.9 on Saturday that the PDP will win the governorship elections on the 9th of March this year.

He observed that given a credible electoral process, the SDP can win the guber poll, but, if the reverse is the case, where there is, particularly, vote buying by the ruling political party(ies), PDP will win.

''When I said, 'PDP will win... But, SDP can win', by the first phrase, I implied that, if the electioneering process is free, fair and credible particularly in respect of the 'present realities' of vote buying and selling by the electorates, the PDP will win; but, if the people, the masses, the electorate —me and you, decide to vote for the SDP in our quanta, Eyo O. Ekpo and Wofai Ewa, smart chaps I must confess, will win. It's as simple as that!

"It is within the context of the majority of the Nigerian electorates resident in and indigenous to Cross River State voting for the SDP that I used the concept —CAN, but, within the circumference of the regrettable possibility of the masses buying/selling their votes, WILL is understood", the statement reads in part.

He added that "Essentially, I have not contradicted myself in this two instances".

On Saturday the 2nd of March 2019, veteran journalist/OAP Iwara U. Iwara hosted Nyok and online publisher Inyali Peter on his call-in, talk show, The #PublicView.

In the course of the deliberations on Hit FM 95.9, the host asked both of them an important question —'who do you think will win the gubernatorial elections in Cross River come 9th March 2019?' They gave their responses on the affirmative saying the PDP will win, but, Nyok circumscribed his assertion within the context of what he referred to as 'present realities' according to which he meant vote buying, incumbency factor, and the like.
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