OPINION : Kidnapping : An appalling omen trending in Ogoja

Davidson Etika, Cross River based Social Commentator

By Davidson Etika

In recent times, most people prefer going gaga or indulging in unwholesome practices just to make money without minding the devastating consequences accrue to their actions or inactions. The spate of kidnapping rampaging Ogoja lately is an issue of public concern. People hardly go to bed with their eyes closed, and going out freely is a problem especially those who are doing well financially.

There have been series of questions rambling the minds of many, such as "should one not have money again? Is it wrong to relish the fruit of your labour? and many more. Quite a number of people are left in  doldrum following the ugly trend of kidnapping, one could imagine how painful it is, confiscating what you have suffered to gather all through your life.

 There is no doubt that most people who have reach the apex had it so tough and rough over the years, and eventually one who has no idea on how you acquired your wealth, would just come and do well with it in a twinkle of  an eye. 

Ogoja is one of the oldest Provinces in Nigeria, the town is known for peace. The people are blessed with arable land and other natural resources. They are peace loving people. Though, some skirmish occurrences had happened in the past but not to be compared with this ugly development the beclouded the town. Within the span of two to three months, there have chronicled three to four cases of kidnapping, which is gradually becoming a norm. 

Some time last year or early this year,  the owner of Edoh Pharmacy/Supermarket Igoli Ogoja  was kidnapped by unprecedented hoodlums who shot him while still in their custody . It was said that the victim attempted to run for a dear life when the miscreants pulled the trigger and exterminated the said victim. 

The second incident was the one that involved one Mr. Ebere, a businessman who trade on cement. It was gathered that, some alien fellows in Toyota Highlander with light tinted glass, drove and passed towards Ndok Junction axis while Mr. Ebere was sitting in front of his shop with some friends, talking and cheering each other. Although, they noticed the Vehicle when it passed but unknown to  them, they were coming after Ebere.

 Thirty minutes after, the same vehicle appeared to the scene and navigated towards them as they were still having discussions, the vehicle advances close to were they were sitting, everyone became scared and perspired. They looked at the vehicle keenly while coming. Observantly,  they tried to ascertain who was coming, the kidnapers opened the doors  with amazement, they saw AK47 raffle and others with live ammunitions round their necks, they ordered Mr. Ebere to enter the car and they zoomed off to Benue State where they took him and camped him for 9 days while negotiations  continues.

Glory to God he is freed from his abductors unscathed. Though a whooping ransom was paid. Shortly after Mr. Ebere was released, one renounced Barrister's brother was abducted, but this time they ran out of luck while conveying the said victim to Benue State .

It was gathered that some braved and fortified youths chased them in an attempt to save the victim, the miscreant's vehicle had a deflected tyre while approaching Vandekya, unknown to them that some aggrieved youths were coming after them.

 As they came out of the car and ran to the bush where they hide for a while, in furtherance on how to make fresh arrangement on  to move the victim to their den. Some left to get another vehicle while the fellows placed on guard to superintend over the victim heard a sound like group of people coming, they became afraid, one  told his second that he is running for a dear life. That was how the second person ran too and they left the said victim there until the youths found him and took him home including the kidnaper's vehicle which was later handed over to the police for further investigation.

The most recent incident transpired few weeks ago which involved a medical Doctor attached with General Hospital Ogoja. He was kidnapped and regained freedom from the same abductors after paying bumper sum of seven million naira on several negotiations.

 There is no ambivalence that those behind all these brouhaha are sons and daughters of Ogoja. From the look of things, informants from within the environment who knowns all these victims and their closest associates are the masterminders behind the nefarious activities bedeviling the town and great people of Ogoja.

It is quite macabre to note that these  lascivious act is paving wave by the day, just in three months, we have had  four cases of kidnapping in Ogoja. 

In the history of Cross River State, we have never recorded such cases of kidnapping like what had happened in Ogoja. Not even in the  Metropolis of Calabar.

Security agents  should rise up and fashion out better modalities to curb the rising scourge of kidnapping in Cross River State and "OGOJA". Proffering wherewithal remediation is a duty to all, it should not be left in the hands of security agency, everyone is admonished to be security conscious. Security as they say is every Man's business. Therefore, all and sundry should wake up and shine their flash lights to comb every unscrupulous elements unleashing mayhem to residents of Ogoja.

Tinted glasses has resurfaced, the rate of tinted  vehicles plying our roads are skyrocketing by the day. Tinted vehicles are made for specific purpose and they are category of people allowed to use vehicles that are tinted. Nowadays, people who are not suppose to use tinted vehicles are using, a situation that has paved way  for miscreants to seized such avenue to perpetrate crimes and wrecked unnecessary havoc to innocent citizens.

The issue of checking tinted vehicles should not be treated lightly. Absolute sanction is not enforced, it appears the level of compromised is surpassing effective enforcement. Don't forget that inadequacies and nonchalant acts is the root caused of problem, because if you fail to do the right thing, the wrong thing would rather submerge the right. Rise up and fight the freakish ordeal.

Davidson Etika 
Social Commentator.
Politics 6331279447418265032

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  1. So this is how Ogoja had turn into?
    God will help us all.



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