24 hrs power supply : For Ayade, impossibility is an illusion

Apart from insecurity and probably corruption which has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigeria's public service, inadequate power supply is undoubtedly another major challenge drawing Nigeria back. The nation's economic growth is slow owing largely to poor power supply.

Nigeria, despite her acclaimed position as the giant of Africa has failed to live up to expectations. With the potentials in terms of man power and natural resources Nigeria should compete shoulder to shoulder with some of the most developed countries of the world but unfortunately, this is still a wishful thinking.

To many, the inability of government to guarantee at least 5 hours power supply daily sums up the failure of the country many predicted would develop to become one of the greatest nations of the world at independence. From the current democratic dispensation which started in 1999 till date, billions of dollars have been sunk into the power sector without results.

Businesses cannot survive without power. In this era of technology and digitalization, it'll be foolhardy for anybody to want to grow economy without first addressing the power issue. There's hardly any basic infrastructure that can function optimally without adequate power supply. Is it hospital or school? Power is a live-wire and a catalyst for sustainable economic growth.

While Nigerians seems to have given up on the possibility of the federal government to provide them with steady power, in Cross River, something new, if you like you can call it strange is on the offering. There's a renowned hope and vigour that all hope is not lost. Simply put, Gov. Ben Ayade is setting the pace for other serious mined government both at federal and state to build on.

Many people see the possibility of having 24 hours power supply as a great impossibility but for Ayade, impossibility doesn't exist. It's an illusion.

For the first time in Nigeria's history, a state government has provided steady power supply. It only takes a man of vision and guts like Ayade to do this. The irony perhaps is that a state that's rated as one of the poorest in the country is the state that has proven that having 24 hours power is possible.

With the massive industrialization going on in the state, it would have been suicidal for the state government to rely on the epileptic power supply from the federal government for the industries to function. The 23 megawatts power supply is not just critical to the sustainability of the industries, it's a catalyst which has opened a new vista in the development of the state as well as placed it in global map as the number one investors destination in Nigeria.

The power plant, powered by a  low spin turbines hybrid engine of  750rpm with the capacity to reduce diesel consumption by over 50%, with the introduction of a gas adpirator, it will run on gas. However, there's no gas pipeline for now.

On sustainability, it's important to note that the Governor has made the necessary arrangements with crticial stakeholders towards the best ways to sustaining the lofty project.

If Cross Riverians despite the epileptic power supply by the federal government are still subjected to paying exorbitant bills every month by the distribution company in charge of the state, Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, the Governor should rather be commended for providing 24 hours power of which the bill when it commenced operation fully will be half of what is obtainable now.

The Governor's idea is to solve two major issues with this project. First providing steady power supply as well as reducing the burden of paying exorbitant electricity bills every month. This idea should be hailed and commended by anybody who means well for the state.

Indeed Governor Ayade is digitally smarter!
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  1. Dear writer, if the project isn't for our homes then it's not important. Secondly there is no sign of Ayade to be digitally smart.



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