Bye-election : 15 reasons why Prof. Akpagu is Cross River North best option

Prof. Zana Akpagu, Cross River North APC Senatorial aspirant

Since the sudden death of Senator Rose Oko, the Senator  representing the northern senatorial district in the red chambers, several politicians in the zone from different political parties have indicated interest to fill the vacant seat.

While in all fairness, all the aspirants especially from the major political parties; PDP and APC are qualified in their on right, it's time for the north to look beyond just mere constitutional conditions needed for the seat but to send people with amiable and remarkable track records of performance.

After proper assessment of all those who have indicated interest, it's now an open secret that Prof. Zana Akpagu, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar nicknamed "Mr. Project" because of his massive infrastructural development in the University clearly stands out. And below are 15 out of the numerous reasons why he's the best:

1. Professor Akpagu has better political credentials than any of the aspirants jostling for the ticket both in APC and PDP. He was once a Commissioner for Education in Cross River during the impressive tenure of Donald Duke. As Commisioner, he established 27 schools as well as midwived the establishment of only Cross River State owned University, Cross River University of Technology in just about two years. He also served as  Special Adviser to Governor Liyel Imoke where he also left a sterling record of performance.

2. He has an intimidating academic credentials. And as a Professor of high international repute, he has the carriage and charisma to command lots of respect from his colleagues at the most hallowed red chambers.

3. He has great administrative and leadership exposure over and above all who are aspiring for the senatorial seat, both in APC and PDP . Once Dean of Students Affairs, Dean- Faculty of Arts, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Present Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar. Others too numerous to capture. He is a technocrat par excellence!

4. He has been involved severally in National assignments and has delivered with professionalism and integrity.

5. Professor Akpagu has been on ground politically since 1999, and understands the dynamism of the Political terain of the entire Cross River North more than many crop of today's politicians. He is very vast and experienced in grassroot mobilisation.

6.  Professor Akpagu is exceptional in human capital development. He has empowered more Cross Riverians vis-a-vis northerners in terms of gainful employment more than any of the aspirants in both APC and PDP.

7. The erudite Scholar, Professor Akpagu has won more performance awards than any of his opponents. In his undergraduate days, he won the prestigious “Dr. E.N Amaku Prize” for Best Graduating Student in Languages from Unical, in 1982.

8. Prof. Akpagu is the first to break the jinx Vice Chancellorship from the north. In 2015, he became the first person from the zone to become Vice Chancellor of a reputable University.

9. Prof. Zana Akpagu is the first leader from the north that has addressed the issue of lack of financial institutions in the zone. Before he became VC, only two local governments out of the five had functional banks. But today, he increased it to four by establishing banks in Obudu, Obanliku and Bekwarra. He has put everything on ground to ensure that Yala which is the only local government yet to have bank in the north have one in the nearest future.

10. His microfinance bank revolution in the north has had more positive impact on the economy of the zone more than any project by any leader from the zone. Apart from the jobs, more farmers and entrepreneurs are now assessing loan easily from the banks.

11. Due to his mass employment across the Northern Senatorial District, he enjoys goodwill across board, irrespective of party lines. A privilege no other candidate can boast of.

12. He is practically from all the local government areas by blood and adoption. This means that as Senator, he'll be a Senator for all not just his immediate local government.

13. Professor Akpagu is a member of the Council of Traditional Rulers of all the five Local governments in the zone. He's the first and only Northern Cross Riverian that enjoy this. As Senator, he'll work effectively with the traditional institution because he's already a member.

14. He is from Obudu, one of the Local Government Areas with the highest voting population in Cross River. Obudu can boast of about 70,000+ voters on election day as witnessed in the 2019 general elections. Only him has the support to break this vote from the ruling PDP and win election.

15. Prof. Akpagu is a leader that's passionate about development as evidenced in his projects laden tenure as VC. The North in the other hand is in dire need of development which makes him the best and right option for the vacant Senate seat.

He is dearly loved by his people who are ready to jettison party loyalty for his candidature and this explains why till date he remains the most popular and acceptable candidate.

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