#EndSars : SARS Officers are always on hard drugs -Lawyer alleges

Firsts Baba Is a, Esq.

An Abuja based Lawyer and owner of the burgeoning law firm, FBI Legal, Mr. Firsts Baba Isa has alleged that all the men of the now disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigeria Police that he has encountered are always on hard drugs. 

Isa who made this allegation in a Facebook post added that he noticed during all his encounter with them that they reek of weed and alcohol.

Recall that Nigerian youths took to the streets last week to protest for days against Police brutality and killing perpetrated by  SARS official in the country.

After days of insisting that the unit would be reformed but not completely dissolved as Nigerians youths demanded, Inspector Genera of Police, 
Mohammed Adamu on Saturday bowed to pressure and announced the disbandment of the unit in a live broadcast. 

Commenting on the unprofessional conduct of the Police, the Lawyer berated them saying that intelligence and cleanness provoke SARS officials who are themselves unclean and uneducated.

According to him ,"With all sense of modesty, my law practice is known for taking on the powers that be, the establishment. I have sued the president, governors, law enforcement agencies, etc... but you see SARS? I tremble. 

The times I have encountered them in my practice reveals one thing that most people are not even talking about right now: these guys are on drugs. Hard drugs! Every single one of them I encountered reeked of weed and alcohol and they are shockingly so uneducated. 

Intelligence annoys them. Cleanliness provokes them. Being calm and collected incense them. Being reasonable pisses them off like hell". 

He narrated that "One day in their office in Abuja, immediately one of them saw me, he got angry that I was well dressed: “you just dress fine, come stand here, you think say your fine boy lawyer go save this criminal?” he shouted at me. I was shocked.

They just want only two things: to take your money by force or to kill you. And I swear to God, they are not joking! I swear if you don’t give them money, they will kill, maim, torture and/or frame you up". 

Continuing, he said that "And like my Learned Brother, Olakunle Allison, said, it is always a waste of business time to go to SARS to get a client out. You will face all sorts of intimidation, threats, assaults and embarrassment for nothing. The client will pay them hundreds of thousands to regain their freedom and just give you “urgent 2k” or a “God bless you”; most times because they sincerely don’t have anything left or because they feel you can’t be as dangerous as SARS!

This is not just a SARS issue, it is a police issue, it is a law enforcement issue in this country. Lawyers know what I’m talking about".
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