Tribute : One Year After, You Still Live On


Late Warrant Officer Godwin Inyali

Yesterday, December 23, 2020 was one year since  my beloved brother, Warrant Officer Godwin Ugbaka Inyali painfully left us. Biologically, he was a brother but he became our father even before our late father's home call in 2015.

Till date, it's still like a nightmare to me. But when I remember that 17th of December, 2020 was one full year since I heard his voice and the last time I'll ever hear him speak again, I realize that the nightmare is a reality I must accept. 

I woke up this morning and got tempted to call his line for us to share our usual "father&son" joke, then I realized that he's gone to rest with his creator.

Brother, you know your demise still hurts me and all of us till date. I know you're still very much around to look after us as you demonstrated in my dream yesterday. 

You made me see the beautiful place you're now dwelling but also felt for me as I was crying bitterly and continued to ask you why you had to leave us so soon. 

You left me without a word but felt the pains we, your family are suffering over your painful demise. If there's one thing I'll love to understand, it's knowing why you had to go, knowing that you're irreplaceable.

You fought many battles as a soldier within and outside this country. You fought many battles on behalf of the family. You gave the family a name that we're all ready to sacrifice anything to maintain but couldn't fight the ugly hands of death.

Oh! How painful it is that I no longer have the man that understood me more than any other human being on earth to run to when I'm misunderstood by people...

I cried in my dream. I cried this morning. And I'll continue to cry till the day God decides to unite us again because for me, there was and may never be a better human being than you.

You know I love you. I'll always do. I also know you love me and every member of the family dearly and will always do even in the world beyond. If there'll be anything as next generation, I'll love to still have you as my elder brother.

Though your stay on earth was very short, your impacts, teachings, advise, counsels,  legacies in the family, community, Nigeria especially the Army as professed by your colleagues will live forever.

You were such a peaceful man even as a combatant soldier. With tears, I say, continue to enjoy with your creator in peace till we meet to part no more.

One year ago you left us. One year ago we still miss you. We love you but God love you more.

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