Ayade's Aide : "I run my office with personal resources, Prefer Councillor To Commissioner"

Governor Ben Ayade Special Adviser (SA) on Youths Affairs, Prince Godswill  Edward has revealed that since his appointment, he has been running his office with his personal resources.

Edward stated this yesterday in Calabar when he visited the State Secretariat of the Association of Cross River State Online Journalists (ACROJ).

The SA who disclosed that he was consulting to contesting Abi/Yakur federal house of representative election next year added that if presented the opportunity, he'll prefer being a councillor to Commissioner as he prefers being elected into offices than appointed.

He explained further that when occupying elective positions the consciousness that he's occupying the people's mandate will spur him to do more than when he's appointed.

The SA who commended Gov. Ben Ayade for appointing youths into his government said that young people should begin to think about presenting themselves for elective positions and stop relying so much on appointments.

He said that "We the youths constitute 75% of the entire population of this country. During elections, we're the mobilizers, the voters and even the thugs. You see us killing ourselves for the older generation yet those we kill ourselves for don't kill themselves. So, we need to take advantage of our population to rule ourselves".

While advising government to invest heavily on human capital development, he urged the youths to be creative and stop over relying on their certificates by learning trades.

According to him "I use my personal resources to function in government activities. This is not because I've so much but because I see opportunities in every situation. When some of my colleagues where complaining of office space, I got one for myself. I use my personal cars to run government activities.

"I'm doing this as an appointee of government. I'll do more when I've the people's mandate. For me, I prefer to be a Councillor than a Commissioner because as a Councillor I'll have the pressure and consciousness that I'm occupying the people's mandate which will motivate me to do".

Narrating his sojourn in life, he said that "I rose from nowhere to where I'm today by his grace. I was not inspired by many.  I don't complain about certain situations rather I look at how we can solve problems.

I believe among every young person, there's something inside of them which is hope. While we develop infrastructure, government should invest more in human capital development.

In this street of Calabar, I was a dancer. I've sold wristwatches. I didn't collect loan to build Eddyliz. When I left school, instead of complaining like other people, I said I wanted to help government create jobs. When I sold wristwatches in this town, I never bought any from outside this town, I hadn't a shop but today I've more than 40 persons working for me.

The businesses I do today are things I was looking for people to help me do when I started but got no helping hands; that's why I help any young person that comes to me because I want to encourage and inspire them".
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